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K20 Initiative Working Space

Welcome to the Internet2 K20 Initiative wiki site. This is the home of the K20 Advisory Committee, Executive Committee, and the various K20 Initiative working groups.  Here you will find the collaborative spaces for each of these groups as well as the current presentation and K20 marketing materials.  Please visit Muse, the K20 Initiative social networking site, for current K20 organizations, people, and projects.


K20 Advisory Committee

Upcoming Meetings

* April 23nd - Spring 2012 Internet2 Member Meeting

Past Meeting Minutes

* January 10, 2012
*Friday December 9, 2011
* October 3rd - Internet2 K20 Initiative Fall Member Meeting 2011
* October 3rd - K20 Advisory Committee Business Meeting - Fall Member Meeting 2011
* April 18, 2011 - K20 Meeting at the Spring Internet2 Member Meeting
* K20 U.S. UCAN Town Hall March 3 2011
* Tuesday December 7, 2010
* Monday November 1, 2010 (Fall Member Meeting)
* Tuesday August 24, 2010
* Thur-Fri August 19-20, 2010 (Bozeman Planning Retreat)
* Tuesday June 15, 2010
* Monday April 26, 2010 (Spring Member Meeting)
* Thursday March 25, 2010
* December 3, 2009
* October 5, 2009 (Fall MM)
* August 27, 2009
* May 14, 2009
* April 27, 2009 (Spring MM)
* March 26, 2009

Member Meeting K20 Programs

K20 Presentation Materials

Below you will find a collection of powerpoint presentations and associated video clips that help highlight compelling Internet2 applications across the K20 community.

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