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Welcome to the online collaboration space for members of the Internet2 community interested in advanced networking in the Africa. The African Regional Interest Group is a sub-group of the Internet2 Emerging NREN SIG that focuses on sharing information about, and exploring opportunities to improve, the research and education networking infrastructure in the Africa region. Participation is open to all.

Interest Group Lead: Greg Palmer, MAGPI, University of Pennsylvania

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Regional Organizations:

Meeting Notes

April 29, 2010 during the Internet2 Spring Member Meeting

5 October, 2009 during the Internet2 Fall Member Meeting

Inaugural Meeting scheduled for 27 April, 2009 (during the Internet2 Spring Member Meeting)

We are working to capture information on R&E efforts taking place in Africa. Countries listed below already have information that can be edited and updated. If you have information to add, please send it to or add to this wiki by clicking "Add Comment" at the bottom of the page.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Presentations at the Internet2 2008 Fall Member Meeting:

Name Size Creator Creation Date Comment  
PDF File 20081015-Ren-in-Sub-Saharan-Africa-... 301 kB Jocelyn Gerich Dec 12, 2008 16:24 Boubakar Barry (Research & Education Networking Unit, Association of African Universities)
PDF File 20081015-REN-in-Sub-Saharan-Africa-... 749 kB Jocelyn Gerich Dec 12, 2008 16:23 Duncan Martin (Non-Exec Director, UbuntuNet Alliance; Director and CEO, TENET)
PDF File 20081015-africa-tusu.pdf 1.50 MB Jocelyn Gerich Dec 12, 2008 16:21 F F Tusubira (Ag CEO, UbuntuNet)
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